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SmartQA Transformation Program

What is this program about?

Software development has significantly evolved and matured, but practice of QA is still archaic. It is caught between do-more/test-continuously and preempt/do-less on the other, without a clue on how to marry them in simple terms.

This program nurtures a deep probing mindset and builds habits for smart assurance. Central to this program is engaged enablement via coaching to transform the way one thinks and practices testing.


Testing typically is often seen narrowly, limited to mere compliance checks and validation. The division between manual and automated testing perpetuates a false dichotomy, while the belief that experience alone drives testing is a myth.

Managers expect deep questioning/probing, adept in automation/technology and greater thrust to preemption/prevention. It is therefore expected of a test practitioner to evolve to a higher order of thinking, doing far more rapidly & deeply and to be able to exploit the power of Gen AI.

Transformation required

As an engineering leader it is time to embrace Smart Assurance- shifting focus from evaluating to probing, following a process to setting up an intelligent practice, from rote automation(machine) to exploiting intellect , checking (for compliance) to discovering(issues), reliance on experience to applying logical method(s), detection to preempting and striving to doing less testing rather than more.

As a test practitioner it is about shifting focus from mere evaluation to in-depth exploration to deliver higher business value by accomplishing more with less. This demands a shift in way one thinks about testing(mindset) and also the practice of doing.

Adopt HyBIST to transform

SmartQA is an intellectual practice of probing deeper to seek clarity & in the process uncover, preempt issues rapidly, not limited to mere validation of code.

HyBIST(Hypothesis-Based Immersive Session Testing) approach to SmartQA is about designing smart probes via twelve key concepts and probing the system smartly via five key practices. This program helps imbibe the key concepts & practices to build powerful habits for smart assurance.

Transformation approach

This is not a training but a profound shift in mindset and practice to smart assurance via probing. Accomplished via judicious mix of “Teach & Coach”, this program consists of FOUR video learning sessions with engaged enablement via daily nudge, weekly reflection & online meet. Teach: SmartQA philosophy and HyBIST in detail. Coach: Enabling the way you think & do, build habits for SmartQA practice The transformation is led by the architect of HyBIST Thiruvengadam Ashok.

Program details

Cohort based, max 20 participants/cohort Six week program consisting of: - FOUR sessions of video learning(90 minutes each) - Daily nudge via WhatsApp to build SmartQA habits - Weekly reflection questionnaire - Online discussion (30 minutes) every week Quick dipstick before commencement SmartQA tips/guidelines at end of program

Time commitment
TWELVE hours over SIX weeks (2hours/week)

Course Content

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Part 1: The context - typical practice & challenges
Part 2: SmartQA approach - Outlining HyBIST
Part 3: The doing - HyBIST practice
Part :4 Testing an application using HyBIST
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