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If you want to standout and do high performance QA, then continue reading.
If you are bored of the typical mindless ‘manual testing’ practice then you are the right place.
If you think testing as not just execution but an intellectual approach to uncovering issues you will absolutely enjoy this course.

Probe deeply. Rapidly.

Testing is not mere validation of code, it is deep probing to seek clarity and in the process uncover, preempt issues rapidly. Probing is being logical, curious & observant, to understand what is in there, what may be expected/intended and in the process of exploration spot anomalies, issues, observations, come up with suggestions,  a significantly elevated approach.

The HyBIST approach enables designing smart probes and probing the system smartly.

Hypothesis-Based Immersive Session Testing (HyBIST) is an intellectual practice of probing 
via hypothesis based core method to analyse & design, 
and do immersively in sessions to test deeply & rapidly. Validation is done in THREE phases of Reconnaissance, Exploration & Recoup using ‘key concepts’ to design smart probes and  ‘key practices’ to probe system expansively and rapidly in short immersive sessions.

The key tenets- write less, visualise well, 
immerse in the ‘now’, focus on what-if & what, activities driven by logic & outcomes not solely reliant on experience. The intent- strike a harmonious balance between automation & human intelligence to efficiently unravel issues in complex systems.

HyBIST is unique. It transforms mindset to do superior practice.

Enhance clarity. Preempt issues.

The key concepts of HyBIST- 360POV, Landscape & Product Map enables rapid surveying to get a brilliant view, sharpen clarity, and pave the way for superior validation.

Immerse deeply. Superior coverage.

Diving deep (Exploration phase) in an immersive manner applying key concepts Design method, Perturbation analysis, Test potency results in smart probes that weaves a brilliant net with superior coverage.

Rich insights. Steer well.

Test potency and immunity are interesting key concepts that provide deep insights into test adequacy/ effectiveness. Quality level based escape analysis enables actionable improvements.

Do less. Accomplish more.

The shift from doing to probing results in questioning, hypothesising, proving focussing on testability, preempting & early detection while immersive sessions facilitate deep connection with context to test well.

This is ‘NOT a typical testing course’ of concepts, principles, terminologies presented in a different style This is a deep course focused on thinking styles, problem solving approaches to dissect, explore, synthesise, ideate leading to superior test practice based on science, engineering & craft of testing. This consists of 13 lessons with 64 topics(as videos) spanning 10 hours with 24 examples/exercises covering theory & application of Hypothesis Based Immersive Session Testing.

Course Content

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Part 1: The context - typical practice & challenges
Part 2: SmartQA approach - Outlining HyBIST
Part 3: The doing - HyBIST practice
Part :4 Testing an application using HyBIST
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