Program #1 – write a java script program to count the number of characters in a given string

Given a string that can alphanumeric, special characters, extract these information:

  1. #characters in the a string
  2. #Capital characters, #Small characters
  3. #Words in string
  4. #Words that start with capital character, #words that start with small character
  5. #Alphabetic, #Numeric characters, #special character

Description: Please note the below example is just for the first question mentioned above, make sure to do the same for the rest of the questions.

Count #characters in a string

Consider an empty string “”0
Consider a string with just a word (Caps, Small, Special chars, Numbers)”Hello” “Hello2022!”  5 9
Consider a string with many words(Caps, Small, Special chars, Numbers)“The quick brown Fox jumps over a lazy Dog in 1975!”49
Consider a string without any space(Caps, Small, Special chars, Numbers)  “Thequickbrown Foxjumpsoveralazy Dogin1975!”40

Note: Please document all these in a file (file name has to be “TestData Program-1”) in your given shared drive.

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