Exercise #8- Do DESIGN of Google Doc Format

Requirement: The system must provide users with the ability to apply formatting to selected text by actively selecting it.

Decision table 

ConditionsValid Inputs Invalid inputs 
Font TypeAny
Text StyleBold/Italic/Underlined 
Font SizeAnything from 1- 400>400 
Text Alignment Left/Right/Center/Justify 
Text StyleTTTDDD
Font SizeTTDDDF(>400)
Text Alignment TDDDDD
Selected Font type applied 
Default Font type applied 
Selected Text style applied 
Default Text style applied 
Selected Font size applied 
Default Font size applied 
Max font size of 400 is applied 
Selected Text alignment applied 
Default Text alignment applied 

T – True: F – False: D – Default: The column of every rule (combination of conditions) in the table above is translated into a test scenario as below: 

Rule Test ID Test ScenarioType 
R1TS1Ensure selected font type, text style, size & test alignment are applied to the selected text +ve
R2TS2Ensure selected font type, text style(bold/italic/underline) & font size is applied to the selected text +ve 
R3TS3Ensure the selected font type & text style(bold/italic/underline) are applied to the selected text +ve 
R4TS4Ensure only the selected font type is applied to the selected text +ve 
R5TS5Ensure default formatting effects are applied+ve 
R6TS6Ensure any font size >400 is limited to the max value of 400-ve 
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