Exercise #3 – Sprint Test Plan of ‘Reading glass/Pen’


The core goal of this sprint plan is to ensure the effective implementation of the ‘Enhanced Pen Grip Design Feature’ and conduct comprehensive testing of the ‘Updated Ball Point Nib Feature’ of the Pen.

What to TestTest for What
Ballpoint nib (Updated) Feature 1. Evaluate smoothness and ease of writing (Usability) 2. Check for consistent and even ink flow (Functional)3. Ensure consistent line thickness (Functional)4. Assess resistance to pressure and wear (Durability) 5. Consider user comfort and reduced fatigue (Usability) 6. Ensure it fits the pen design (Compatibility)7. Check materials and manufacturing (Non-Functional) 
Pen Grip Design Enhancement Feature (New) 1. Check the grip’s material for long-lasting quality (Durability) 2. Confirm grip suitability for different hand sizes (Usability) 3. Evaluate the grip’s resistance to moisture, heat, and cold (Durability) 4. Assess the design’s visual appeal and branding (Non-Functional) 5. Measure grip material weight for pen balance (Functional)
Where to test 
1. A3/A4 paper 2. Hand made Charts3. Books/Diaries4. Sticky notes/ Note pads5. Envelopes

Future Feature Considerations: 

Ink Flow Control: Develop pens with adjustable ink flow settings to cater to different writing styles and preferences.

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