Example4 – Sprint Test Plan Test Plan of ‘BookMyShow’


The primary objective of this test strategy is to ensure the successful implementation of the “Multiple bookings in 1 Billing” & “Seat Reservation Option” features in the BookMyShow app, delivering a high-quality & user-friendly experience.

What to TestTest for What 
Multiple Bookings in 1 Billing1. Accurate booking calculations & data handling(Functional)2. Interactions with payment systems (Integration) 3. Performance with 100+ concurrent bookings (Non-Functional) 4. Secure handling of user payment data during billing (Non-Functional) 5. Multilingual and Regional Compatibility (Non-Functional) 6. Prevent new bugs in existing features(Regression) 
Seat Reservation1. Accurate seat allocation & availability calculations (Functional)2. Interactions with the booking system  (Non-Functional) 3. Evaluate Seat Selection Usability  (Non-Functional) 4. Test any reservation time limits (Functional)5. Test for error-free reservation cancellations (Functional)

Where To Test

Testing will encompass the following key environments for compatibility:

PlatformVersionsScreen SizesResolutionsNetworkBrowsers
Android9, 10, 11, 12Mobile Phone, Tab HD, Full HD, 4K3G, 4G, WifiGoogle Chrome
IOS12, 13, 14, 15iPhone, iPad, MAC bookCellular, WifiSafari


Include automation test scripts for “Reviews” & “Ratings” features. 

Note that this automation was not completed in the last sprint due to time constraints & will be addressed in this sprint.

Future Sprint Considerations:

Explore testing plans for the implementation of a “Recommendation Engine” to enhance user experience by suggesting events or shows based on user preferences and historical data.

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