Example3 -Sprint Test Plan Test Plan of ‘Bottle’


To enhance the existing bottle design (Version 1) by incorporating a strap and a sipper mouth, addressing user feedback, and introducing these specific new features.

What to TestTest for What 
Bottle Strap1. Securely hold bottles of all types & sizes (Functional) 2. Strap’s strength & long-term resilience (Durability) 3. Evaluate compatibility with different bottle designs (Non-Functional) 4. Evaluate ease of attachment & removal (Non-Functional) 5. Verify the absence of safety risks  <<Mention the risks>>   (Safety) 6. Evaluate material quality & construction for strength (Non-Functional) 7. Automate the Strap Durability testing (Automation) 
Sipper Mouth1. Ensure the sipper’s mouth allows easy sipping  (Functional) 2. Measure liquid flow speed for sipping or gulping (Performance) 3. Ensure sipper mouth safety from harmful chemicals (Safety) 4. Ensure sipper’s mouth eliminates odor or taste transfer (Quality) 5. Verify secure fit and spill prevention (Reliability) 6. Automate sipper mouth leak tests (Automation) 

Where to Test 

Environment Conditions Testing considerations 
Indoor conditionsRoom temperature and controlled humidity
Outdoor conditions Exposure to sunlight, temperature variations, and dust
Temperature variations Resistance to high (60°C to 200°C (140°F to 392°F))and low (-20°C to -40°C (-4°F to -40°F)) temperatures
Various liquids Water, Juices, Carbonated Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Tea and Coffee…
Mechanical DurabilityWithstanding impacts, vibrations, and transportation handling.
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